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unless they can work don’t bring them to work.

In awkward, babies in adult places, childfree, new moms on June 20, 2011 at 5:23 am

i’ve been writing posts about kids in the workplace lately. i thought i had it bad with a bored coworker who’s on maternity leave. that’s nothing.

i just discovered like it is – a fantastic childfree blog. she has a post called childfree – so how professional is it to permanently bring your kids to work? it’s about people who bring their kids/babies with them every day to work. read it. you’ll be horrified. imagine visiting a chiropractor who keeps the infant in the office so that she can continue her career uninterrupted! or going to a business or networking function only to be seated next to a 5 year old!!

while i don’t like having to shut my office door while the baby comes for a visit, i suppose i can at least be grateful that it’s not there to stay.

thanks for the point of reference, britgirl.

workplace + childfree = i’ma go apeshit soon. 3.

In awkward, babies in adult places, childfree on March 8, 2011 at 5:13 am

babies visiting the office. awkward and terrible.

it seems like  new moms often don’t have enough to do. maybe their own friends don’t want to spend time with them now that the bun’s out of the oven. i know i wouldn’t.

if you’re going to have a baby, and then insist on bringing it to the office, let me suggest some guidelines to make everyone a little more comfortable:

  • send an email ahead of time to warn everyone. that way, the people who want to see the baby can stick around and plan their lunch around it and the people who don’t can either get out of dodge or grab their lunches out of the fridge and barricade their office doors closed in time.
  • keep the visit short and sweet. we all have things to do on our lunch break. i don’t want my free hour taken up with obligatory cooing.
  • be mindful of where you put the baby. don’t set it on someone else’s desk, the kitchen counter or lunch table. and especially do not change it anywhere in the office. if i can’t have a no pants day at work then your baby can’t either.
  • don’t expect everyone to hold it. wouldn’t you rather have people who love the idea holding your bundle of joy rather than someone who’s seething inside? trust me when i say that what’s good for me is good for your baby, too.
  • remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

workplace + childfree = i’ma go apeshit soon. 2.

In awkward, childfree, manners, new moms on January 16, 2011 at 7:39 am

i had a meeting at work the other morning. i’ll give you an inventory of the attendees to give you some context:

  • me (childfree)
  • my boss (who adores children)
  • my manager (who has one kid)
  • guest 1 (just had baby a few months ago)
  • guest 2 (due to have a spring baby)

the first 10 minutes of the meeting was baby talk.

oh, let’s all share stories of our labour. and talk about all of our friends’ labours. well when i got there, my cervix was ____ centimeters. oh, well i had a labour-inducing massage. what? your labour was 4 days?

good grief. i wanted to go all apeshit in there, throw the boardroom table over, toss some chairs around.

what? it seems to be assumed that because we’re all women it’s ok to just whip out the cervix discussion at the boardroom table. after all, we’re all here  for one sole purpose, right?

not me.

i have a hunch that had there been a man or two in the room that conversation would not have gone as far as it did. as far as i’m concerned, the fact that it happened at all is pretty unacceptable.

workplace + childfree = i’ma go apeship soon. 1.

In awkward, babies in adult places, manners on January 14, 2011 at 8:28 pm

i'ma go apeshit

i was trying to come up with a better headline for my new feature series. but i figured this one pretty much says it all.

i’ve got nothing but rants since i started working in my new office last fall. i can’t believe how much the childfree get stomped on every. single. day. it’s me and 2 gay guys against an office full of fertile women. gak.

so check back in regularly for this new feature topic. i’m sure to have lots of posts on it. if you’ve got something of your own to share, i’ll happily accept guest posts. just send me an email. or you can leave your story right in the comments section below.


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