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work lunch.

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childfree lunch

i just had to share this email that one of my readers sent. it reaffirms the necessity for blogs such as this one – for both the childfree crowd and the parents. it’s always nice to know you’re not the only one…

I was at a work lunch today with 4 people from my working group and one of the members is a mum with a 4 mo old baby type creature. She is away on mat leave and brought it to the Japanese place where the lunch was. It was horrible (wearing an amber amulet to help it with teething, WTF) and then she whips out her boobs and starts feeding it with out any cover blanket or anything. I just wanted to scream, What the fuck is going on here and why is it ok at a staff function?!?

Thank you for your blog…. I was just thinking of the posts (cat tossing the kid into the pool) and smiling while the baby was screaming (hoping that it passed for smiling at the baby!)

thanks to all my readers for all the emails and kind words of support. if you’d like to get in touch with me, you can dm me on twitter or send an email to


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guest post:


who says mommies can’t accessorize?



thanks to my dear friends who love to send me this stuff.  it’s horrible and fantastic all at once. imagine wearing a necklace that’s covered in drool all the time. and where do you draw the line? you hand off your baby to someone else while you’re digging your cell out of your purse so you can tweet about some cute thing your baby just did and look! baby’s chewing on your friend’s one-of-a kind gérard sandoz. shame shame.


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