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i’m not looking.

In about me, babies in adult places, childfree, new moms on September 8, 2011 at 4:07 am

parents seem to get this idea that everyone just wants to have the pleasure of gazing at their baby/child.

i was in the bathroom the other day (well, everyday, actually) and this woman was changing her baby on the change table. gak. that’s the last thing i want to see (or smell). while she was at it, there seemed to be a constant stream of people lining up to look at the baby. they soon all cleared out and there was me, washing my hands. she looked over and smiled, as if to say, ‘it’s your turn, now… behold this beautiful child.’

anyway, i gave her a mild stink eye, turned of the faucet and dried my hands – looking in the opposite direction.

this kind of thing happens all the time. parents seem to be expecting to be showered with praise for producing such fine specimens.

not me. i’m not even taking a look.

no free tickets.

In babies in adult places, childfree, manners on September 2, 2011 at 5:20 am

there’s a phenomenon i’ve been noticing in public restrooms lately. and it’s happening regularly. it seems that dads are entering women’s washrooms to hang out with their wife/kids.

no i’m not saying there’s any big secret about women that is in danger of being unveiled. and i’m all for designated unisex bathrooms – i’d use them. but i like to know what to expect. in a unisex bathroom i know i’m going to run into anyone. in the women’s room i expect to see some women and some kids.

i guess the reason this gets to me so much is because it plays right along with parents’ sense of entitlement. to everything. because they’re special. because they have kids.


just because you made some sloppy choices in your life does not give you a free pass to misbehave or break every social convention and courtesy known.

let’s not forget about family bathrooms. they exist solely to prevent this kind of thing from happening. each of the 3 times i’ve seen it happen this summer, the family actually had to walk right past a family bathroom into the ladies room. really? (*note: for some reason they don’t appreciate when you point that out to them. in fact, the stink eye doesn’t seem to work to get the point across, either.*)

so in case any parents are reading this – i know you are – i’ve compiled a wee list of things you do not have a free ticket to do simply because you did the nasty once.

you may not:

  • park in no parking or handicapped zones because you believe you deserve the privilege as your prize for popping that little cutie out;
  • disrupt regular paying customers by bringing your screaming kids into a restaurant, grocery store, or any other public establishment. take them outside and use the opportunity to teach your kids some kind of valuable life lesson – don’t punish us instead;
  • talk during movies, shows, concerts, or presentations;
  • be late. for everything. because a kid is not a built in excuse;
  • leave messes behind. you brought in the cereal and juice – you clean it up when your kid (inevitably) dumps it all over the floor;
  • turn any surface into a baby changing table. public places are filthy enough;
  • monopolize the conversation. remember the types of things regular people used to talk about before you had your precious? helpful hint: they still do. when you’re not around;
  • budge in line. trust me. i hate waiting just as much as your screaming kid. and you don’t want to see me lose my shit;

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