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in the news.

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i’ve come across various articles lately and put them aside to comment on later. now it’s later. i decided to compile them into one blog post for your reading pleasure.

the Baytown Symphony Orchestra recently asked parents not to bring their children to performances. i’m torn on this subject. i think it’s incredibly important to expose children to cultural events at a young age. i attended many symphonies and ballets as a young child, and loved it. however, many parents do not have the sense to gauge whether or not their kids will behave appropriately. i’ve been to too many performances when the parents and children whisper throughout the performances and the kid needs to sit on their own seat, and then on their parents’ laps, and then back on their own seat, and the go to the bathroom before the intermission… i can certainly  appreciate this ‘no minors’ stance. that is, after all, what matinees and special children’s concert series are for.

i’ve been known to have a strong opinion about the names parents are giving their children. i have to say i like this trend of naming children no after yourself or your grandparents. that is, of course, no need to give them a name that doesn’t belong to anyone else on the planet (read on to the next article…)

1. i can’t believe that weaponry has become a naming trend. didn’t guns used to be named after the men who invented them? 2. video game names? oh no. imagine if that had been the case when we were kids? how many luigis there would be today! 3. typographical symbols? no. the poor kid is going to have to spell his/her name every single time they talk to anyone. on the plus side, unique names would make for easier securing of their domain name.

i’m not sure what all the fuss is about here. i grew up watching sesame street and don’t remember a single instance of any babies eating anything on the show. what i do remember? big bird, oscar and slimey the worm. these are the exciting, not-so-everyday things that will make an impact on kids. i do agree that breastfeeding, when possible, is always best for the baby’s health – but why is this a hot topic for sesame street? i think what i’m lacking here is context – maybe i need to watch a couple of episodes.

here are some of the public’s reactions to facebook’s response to pictures of breastfeeding. unless i’m wrong, facebook has changed it’s policy around reporting inappropriate content. they’re trying to aim more for community and if you want to report something, unless it’s spam, they make you either unfriend the person or tell them yourself that it’s offensive. perhaps this whole brewhaha happened before this policy change. whatever the case, someone, somewhere didn’t appreciate having gigantic boob appearing in their news feed. and this is exactly why i tend to block people from  my news feed (without having the awkward unfriending conversation) pretty much as soon as they get pregnant. because i know stuff like this is inevitable and i know that i don’t want to see or hear about it. and let’s be frank – if you’re going to use facebook, a free service, you have to comply with their terms. if you don’t like it, go find a different social network, or create your own. just as they can shut down your account with no explanation and no chance of you ever reclaiming it, they can moderate what type of content you’re posting. user beware.

it’s as one reader states: i can’t afford a cat so i’m not going to go out and get one, expecting the government to pay for it. very little planning seems to go into having kids. i feel like i do a lot more life planning than any of my child-bearing friends. and i don’t get anything for it from the government. there’s no congratulatory, hey-good-for-you-for-making-responsible-life-decisions monthly payment or tax breaks.

ah, the best for last. i’ve long sworn off attending any baby showers whatsoever. so when i read this article i nearly flipped my lid. ok, i actually did flip (just a little). so now it’s not bad enough that we have to be awed by the woman’s gigantic belly and pregnancy tales, now we have to endure passing the ultrasound pictures around over dinner? and what if one of your best friends asked you to attend this ultrasound viewing? what would you say? (oh, i think i have a work thing that afternoon…) what also concerns me is the author’s question: ‘does this escalate the thinking held by some that a foetus should have a life of its own before birth and, therefore, have rights of its own?’ in terms of women’s reproductive rights and freedoms. if these foetuses are being viewed as individuals with rights, where does that lead the pro-choice debate?

work lunch.

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childfree lunch

i just had to share this email that one of my readers sent. it reaffirms the necessity for blogs such as this one – for both the childfree crowd and the parents. it’s always nice to know you’re not the only one…

I was at a work lunch today with 4 people from my working group and one of the members is a mum with a 4 mo old baby type creature. She is away on mat leave and brought it to the Japanese place where the lunch was. It was horrible (wearing an amber amulet to help it with teething, WTF) and then she whips out her boobs and starts feeding it with out any cover blanket or anything. I just wanted to scream, What the fuck is going on here and why is it ok at a staff function?!?

Thank you for your blog…. I was just thinking of the posts (cat tossing the kid into the pool) and smiling while the baby was screaming (hoping that it passed for smiling at the baby!)

thanks to all my readers for all the emails and kind words of support. if you’d like to get in touch with me, you can dm me on twitter or send an email to

time to get out the handbook.

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parenting. you’re doing it wrong.

baby under sweatshirt


attack of the teat.

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in case you haven’t seen the headlines today, check out this beauty.

*warning – content is disturbing and involves the human equivalent of the photo below. please don’t click on the link while you’re eating dinner, or drinking a milkshake. don’t say i didn’t warn you.

cow spraying milk in protest

there are a number of points this article brings up (primarily, the insanity of new mothers) but most pressing are the questions that i don’t even know if i want the answers to. but now i can’t get them out of my head.

some  of my question include: does it just squirt out on its own? or is it like the teat above and need a little coaxing? and how far does is squirt? is it a limitless supply or is it more like a super soaker and need some refill time in between attacks?

i’m afraid to google for the answers lest i come across images that i’ll never be able to unsee.


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