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offbeat mama does it again.

In childfree, manners, new moms on January 9, 2012 at 4:33 pm

reader beware: the topic of poo is not one that i like to discuss. ever. and while i know that the post i’ll discuss in this blog post was written by a mommy blogger for other moms, it’s out there for all the public to read. a friend pointed me in its direction. i have to say i’m not impressed. i actually can barely bring myself to read the whole thing. proceed with caution.

offbeat mama writes about all things motherhood. and while i’m happy that there are such forums where groups of people can commiserate, or celebrate life’s milestones, i’m sorry i happened across this one.

a lot of parents complain that the childfree like to bring up the topic of excrement far more often than parents ever do. wrong. case in point: she’s getting real: what baby poop has taught me about being a parent. while it may seem that us childfree type talk about it, it’s usually only to back up an argument or highlight our stance in the whole childfree/breeder debate. parents are the real culprits.

I’m pretty sure the reason is that my daughter’s excrement is exceptionally fascinating, exhibiting signs of brilliance and creativity in the bowel department, not disgusting and smelly like that of other babies.

the post goes on from here. it describes, in the precise detail with which i’d expect to be saved for a description of a flower’s stamen or the working parts of a motorcycle, the appearance, texture, smells and sounds of the baby’s #2s. (i promise you’ll regret clicking through. remember: you can never unread these things.)

the general gist? that she’s so proud and fascinated by each and every one of her baby’s poos. she even includes a picture of her infant daughter pooing – she’s got her ‘poo face on’. guh. overall, i don’t really get the point of posting something like this. it seems like something the writer might explore in her head, or with her doctor, and then leave it at that. the need to share every excruciating detail with the rest of the world? let me just say that if 30-something years ago my mother had a blog and i could sift through the archives as an adult, i’d be appalled by the lack of sensitivity and privacy she didn’t afford me.

here’s a tip for parents out there (and everyone else posting ridiculous stuff online): try to have a little common sense, privacy and sensitivity toward your subject. before you hit publish on your blog’s dashboard, imagine that person surrounded by their friends, peers and workmates at age 10, 20, 50… now imagine sharing what’s in your post. how would they react? how would their friends react? come on. be fair. smarten up.

ps. i almost forgot about the comments – make sure if you do click through to read said blog you scroll down to the flurry of sympathizing readers like this one:

I LOVE this! It’s good to see another mom so facinated with baby poo. My father found it rather odd that we started showing off her poops over the holiday weekend. She’s on solids now so it’s solid. It’s ridiculous just how amusing it is to me.

facebook gems. part 5.

In childfree, new moms on September 14, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Thought that baby poop wasn’t supposed to smell like poop until solids were introduced.. Phew!!

aaaaand…. hide from news feed.


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