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just in case.

In about me on January 4, 2011 at 3:48 pm

because i recently started my @kidsiscrap twitter account, i feel like i should make some things abundantly clear. i don’t want people getting the wrong idea right off the bat.

1. i don’t dislike all kids. just the ones i don’t know. i’m devoted to my nieces and nephews and would do just about anything for them.

2. i don’t go out of my way looking to get my hate on. it just happens naturally. like every time i leave the house. ‘better to be seen…’ and all that.

3. i am never, ever going to change my mind about my childfree status. my biological clock will not strike twelve at any minute and that’s ok. i don’t need your sympathy and i’m not some kind of anomaly.

4. i’m actually very kind and considerate. i’m the first one to pick up something that’s fallen to the ground for a mom who’s got her hands full. maybe that’s why i feel the need for this blog. i’ve got it bottled up. my fiancee doesn’t want to hear about it and i certainly can’t rant to my siblings and friends who have kids. that leaves you, dear reader.

please keep these points in mind and enjoy.


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