this is a blog for anyone who, like me, feels that kids are crap. i’m not horrible or mean. i’m really pretty reasonable. but when people start to toe the line and kids get fussy or sassy or are simply given an impossible-to-spell name by the tragic misjudgment of their trendy parents, something needs to be said.

please enjoy. comments are always welcome.

if you like, you can email me directly:


    • well thanks for the laugh. i’m looking forward to reading more of your blog! visit again soon:)

      • You may not like it – mine is purposefully rude and although I seem to have a fair number of views, few choose to comment – which is fine with me !!!

        Thank you

  2. Mine are often purposefuly inflammatory – I get the impression that most on wordpress are Americans and am trying to find out how they react to the way I write – its interesting to see that I have nearly 1000 views but only 2 comments and the 2 comments being quite “nice” comments.

    I still havent worked out if you are a mum or not!!!

  3. american’s are funny that way (funny sheesh, not funny ha ha). they always seem to have an opinion but are, for whatever reason, too bashful to comment on things online. i can add some scathing opinions to your blog, if it will make your day more exciting. i’ll sign them, ‘yours truly, p. ness’.

    as for your second point – heh! very interesting. well, read on. you’re sure to find more clues.

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