miniature shopping carts.

In babies in adult places, childfree on October 12, 2011 at 6:27 pm

they’ve got to go.

look. i enjoyed playing store as much as the next kid on the block. at home. the furniture was the shelves, the coffee table was the check-out and the laundry basket was the shopping cart. and that’s where the delusion ended.

maybe it seemed like a good idea to somebody at some point to make miniature shopping carts to keep kids amused at the store. i’ve got a better idea. keep the kids at home. or, stick their little legs under the handle and buckle them into the seat of the big shopping cart with the non-safety safety belt.

because the last thing anyone wants to do after work is have a real life game of knee on shopping cart bumper cars in an overcrowded shop.

  1. Or you could consider strapping them to your car bumper / fender and using their rubbery form to gain a bit more cushioning in the event of a little mistake – and I tell you something else – it might just absorb enough of the impact to prevent that bloody air bag from opening and hving to be stuffed back in???

    Waddaya think?

    • eww. well that’s just creepy. although i hear it is a big-time hassle to repair those airbags. i say stick with a late model something with a steel frame.

  2. People must be oblivious and deranged to get one of those things. The grocery store that carries them here has seen a LOT of people switch over to the competitor . No kidding.

    • really? they actually have made people shop at different stores? unfortunately all of the shops here seem to have them. i just keep walking. and if they get into my way, tough nuts. i bump them out of my way a little, then i shoot the parents a little stink eye.

  3. The worst miniature carts I’ve seen say things like “Future Customer” on them. That always creeps me out a little.

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