#momconfessions = mega depressing.

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i’ve written about the dirty little secrets of motherhood before on this blog, but lg recently brought the plight of depressing motherhood reality to light with its campaign, #momconfessions.


so you know every mother who tries to talk you into having kids of your own? you know, the ones who say trite things like, ‘you’ll never know real love until you have one of your own,’ or, ‘it’s the best thing i’ve ever experienced!’? this campaign is here to prove them wrong. as if we needed it. do not ever believe them as long as you live. the things these mothers say are some of the most depressing things you may ever hear (go ahead… fill your boots. but don’t say i didn’t warn you…).

i find this one the saddest of all (quite frankly, it breaks my heart):

mom confessions

my brother from another mother.

In childfree on September 30, 2014 at 5:32 pm

i’ve always loved the oatmeal. but lately i’ve realised just how much.

the oatmeal - baby shower

it isn’t too often, but now and then he throws out a gem for those of us who just don’t want to hold other people’s babies, those who frequently run into mothers who just can’t understand why we wouldn’t want one of our own, and those who know the grim reality of life after babies.

so thank you, matthew inman, for sharing my thoughts in a way i never could without getting a dirty diaper in the face. you’re all right.

incessantly screaming neighbours.

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this cbc article showed up in my google alerts last week. you may have read it. in case you haven’t, let me summarize the situation for you:

  • neighbours are less than impressed about noisy kids in neighbourhood.
  • neighbours write anonymous letter asking parents to have them limit outdoor screaming time.
  • parents deeply offended, public outrage ensues.
Parents of child with ADHD get anonymous letter about 'incessant screaming'

cbc: Parents of child with ADHD get anonymous letter about ‘incessant screaming’

there are so many things wrong about this story and not a single one has anything to do with the letter writer.

  1. the mother can’t believe that the letter writer wouldn’t just come and talk to her in person. ha. i can believe it. could you imagine the wrath she would bring down on this anonymous letter if she knew who it was? the mother tried to track them down by knocking on every door in the neighbourhood ffs! no, mothers like this are best treated with a great deal of distance.
  2. is it too much for a homeowner to expect to be able to enjoy their property in peace? i know, it can’t be quiet all of the time. but how about being able to enjoy a space the majority of the time? i have no doubt they were over the moon when the school year started up again.
  3. enough with the playing up adhd for sympathy. i know i risk taking a lot of heat for this one but come on. your kids are hyper because you probably feed them too much crap food and everyone around you is supposed to suck it up and be sympathetic to your situation?
  4. this line: ‘she has used the letter to remind her kids to be respectful of their neighbours, and as an example of how not to deal with a problem.’ at first i read it incorrectly. i thought that ‘being respectful of their neighbours’ meant that the mother would encourage her children to play more quietly. ha nope. i guess these children have learned a valuable life lesson: if you have something to say, you’d better bring it right to the person’s face. three cheers for fisticuffs.

judging by the public outcry of of support for these parents, i’ve reconsidered writing a letter of my own to my noisy neighbours just yet…


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